E-cigarettes Safety Tips

Whether you are newbie or experienced user of Electronic cigarettes, there some basic safety precautions and practices to adhere to in order to ensure safe use of your e-cigars for a long time. The following are some of the recommendations that you have to adhere to before using e-cigarettes.
• Read your e-cigarette device manufacturer’s manual
One of the most important general safety tips is to frequently review your e-cigarette brand manual kit provided by the manufacturer. With that said, it is always prudent to thoroughly review your user manual.
• Battery

Should The World Gear Up For Big Tobacco Changing To Big Vapor?

The electronic cigarette industry was born out of a need to solve the problems caused by the tobacco industry. People, lots of people, were dying from tobacco-related complications and tons more were suffering on hospital beds around the world.
Furthermore, people had grown tired of the monotony that tobacco cigarettes had become. There was no way through which an individual could express their unique individuality in the very limited options that analog cigarettes offered.

10 Important Numbers

10 Important Electronic Cigarette Numbers.
Many times, the best way to sum up a huge topic is to just provide its highlights in numbers so that a big story is aptly condensed. It is on that same note that we present to you the 10 numbers below so that you make your own conclusions about e-cigarettes.
13 million: The estimated number of people that gave electronic cigarettes a try in the US and Europe alone in 2010.
300: The number of satisfying draws that you can take using a fully charged e-cig battery before it runs out of power and requires a top up charge.

Interesting facts about electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes have become quite popular since their introduction in 2007 that it has led people to reflect over its increasing fame. Celebrities like Katherine Heigl have found relief through this exceptionally new smoking device. People have reported that they never felt better in a long time but with electronic cigarettes. Others are thankful because these electronic cigarettes helped them quit smoking. Whatever the reasons might be, it is inevitable that e-cigarette has altered the way people perceive smoking.

E-Liquids: Why Their Prices May Vary So Much.

If you have shopped around for an e-cigarette, you may have noted that it is not easy to find prices uniform for the same quantity across manufacturers. If you are the curious type, you may have wondered why this is so, but most people simply fail to query this discrepancy. For those interested in knowing, the following are some of the reasons for variation in e-liquid prices across makers.
1. Brand Strength.

New models of electronic cigarettes

Smoking liquid is the one steamer, and where the flavor and nicotine sitting . The liquid smoke is made up of a base of vegetable glycerin (VG ) and / or propylene glycol ( PG) which is flavored and optionally nicotine.
The reason why we use both VG and PG are the two liquids have different properties - you can read more about in our article on smoking liquid here .

types of electronic cigarettes

Around 2008, the e-cigarette to Denmark , the worn primarily by Camilla nd her husband Mikael as with their company were the first Danes to show e- cigarette rather than the wider public . There was still some years before the idea of e-cigarette australia really caught on , but in 2011 began the e-cigarette market in Denmark to stir , and especially in 2012 , the market for e-cigarettes almost exploded .

Do you know anyone with an ecig?

E-cigarette , vapour cigarette , electronic cigarette , electric cigarette , e-cigarette. It goes by many names , and this is just some of the synonyms e-cigarettes are known. E-cigarette is a (relatively) new invention which allows for smoking just like ordinary cigarette , but without all the bad substances.